• Anthony Endorses Rex Bohn for Humboldt County Supervisor District One!

(Read it in the Times-Standard)

Rex Bohn the best choice for Humboldt County

Rex Bohn is the best choice for Humboldt County supervisor. There are three key areas that Rex is clearly the best choice: his character, track record and transparency.

Rex genuinely likes his constituents and has helped more charitable causes than all the other supervisors combined.

Rex has a track record of accomplishments representing his district, as he fights for better roads and bringing Humboldt County’s economy into the modern age.
Rex is so transparent that if you want to speak with him, simply show up at one of the hundreds of fundraisers that he volunteers for.

What more do we want in a politician? Let’s all show up to the polls and support Rex Bohn for re-election to 1st District Supervisor!

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