• California Bill promises to help locals control Needle Exchange Programs


While locally elected leaders have found no easy way to curb the outrageously high numbers of used syringes on Eureka Streets, it seems a random act of leadership is coming from Sacramento...

Its not yet a law, but just a bill.  It's  SB-689 (1) sponsored by State Senator Moorlach, the bill helps communities that want a say in how and if needles are handed out to addicts. Controversial Drug-use Enabling Organizations like HACHR, Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction, are licensed by the state, and so the only local avenue for justice is the court system.

If this bill passes, it would return the power to the local city council, it would allow the town and city councils across California to make up their own minds about whether a needle exchange is right for them.

As I've discussed before, the state is divided on this issue, with needle handout programs in all of the coastal counties while Californias' central and eastern counties are more careful and wise.

Here in Humboldt the passing of this bill wont change much, as we have a city council that welcomes needle exchanges and even worse, Is willing to allow these dangerous efforts to expand to mobile units that could travel to places like Rio Dell, Fortuna and McKinleyville.  Not a good situation for anyone that prefers clean safe parks, streets and communities.

In the words of the state senator that proposed SB-689:

“All I’m saying is let’s have a protocol in place,” He also says “These communities shouldn’t have to sue or waste money on litigation.”

That sounds reasonable to me, and after having talked to so many of you last year about this issue.  Im sure you'll agree.  Please call your state representatives and ask them to support SB-689 and return the power to regulate the dangerously misguided, out of control needle exchanges.  IT's time for Humboldt County to dismantle the needle exchange.  It is a failure.that puts all of us at risk.  When a criminal drug addict seeks out medical personnel, what  they need is rehabilitation, medical direction and compassion.  What they do Not need is a fresh needle from a carefree consultant.

The radical left is not willing to discuss the needle exchange issue.  As volumes of contrary evidence is produced daily on Eureka streets, the average leftist will simply tell you something like "well studies by highly qualified research firms prove that giving needles saves lives. So there."

Wait a minute, not so fast.  How else do you explain the explosion of needle litter on our streets?  

They have no answer for that, and as things get worse, it makes us wonder if they ever will notice.

The passing of this bill is the very first step toward taking charge and cleaning up our communities.








1) https://californiaglobe.com/legislature/senator-moorlach-introduces-sb68...


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