• Campaign Takeaways: Learning from 2018 Progressive Disaster

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It's great to be back--here with you--listening to KINS radio.  I've made so many friends with those of you that listen. No matter where I go, it's typical to bump into a fellow listener.  

I had to take a break from doing community comment several months ago, because as most of you know I ran for Eureka City Council.  The campaign is now over, even now as The remaining votes are still being counted its not realistic to hope for a change.  The radical green party candidate is likely going to defeat me, leaving my efforts in second place.  Many of you are stunned that the voters turned out for a hard-left, so-called progressive, lineup of candidates.  There are several takeaways i'm going to share from this recent contest.  A quick look at a newspaper, a sudden reaction to these election results might make you think, that Eureka voters are happy with the status quo, as indeed they literally elected more of the same.  You could argue, that thanks to the voters, we will continue living with low-skilled city council representatives, whose policy and action will lead to more crime, more needles on the streets, more bad policy.  But that's not what I get from the recent results.


Takeaway number One:  All candidates that hope to win, need to work full time on the campaign, toward a job that is part time at low pay.  Of course, that's a problem for the achievers, the producers, the entrepreneur, the visionaries, and the working men and women of the middle class.  Ironically, the best people for city council are those that don't have enough hours in the day to campaign full time.  Even with as effective as I was, I was still a part-time candidate because I work for a living.  Our best hope for future candidates, are those that are recently retired, and can work full time on campaigning.  You have the experience to make decisions, and believe me, you have a lot more skill than the sorry slate of those recently elected.


Takeaway number Two:  As the candidate that raised by far the most money, I can tell you that money is great for messaging, but it must be followed up with full time action.  


Takeaway number Three: Door knocking and phone calls are not enough, the winning candidate needs to get the most number of grassroots activists into the field.  Knocking on those doors and following up to make sure that voters vote.  I can't tell you how many great door to door conversations I had, with people that I thought would vote for me.  Too bad it wasn't enough.


Takeaway number Four:  The True Ward system is a disaster, as it has created a Balkanization of the electorate. As you will see next year, the radical left has no reason to build coalitions or negotiate with other groups.  Ironically, the true ward system is the least democratic way to gather votes.  A total sham.


And now as things continue to get worse, make your decision whether to stay here or to move to greener pastures.  The Progressives are now in charge, and they must take responsibility for everything they do.  In two years we will need candidates to run in different wards.  I hope I can volunteer with your campaign, and maybe we can someday get qualified people into office.

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