• The Depression is here

Happy Recession everybody! The people that stole the election in 2020 want you to feel like we are on the verge of a recovery. You and I--Most of us listening to this station know that this recession is likely to continue and eventually will plunge into a depression, as mr Biden is doing nothing relevant for a true recovery.  In fact every move he is making is causing the disastrous economic contractions that we are seeing




But We all experience recession differently. For me the recession is all about the shortages. Shortages on computer chips have pushed back the arrival dates of a wide variety of audio gear. Recently, two of some of the biggest names in microphones, Shure and Audio Technica announced that there will be a severe shortage on wireless microphone systems. This is a big set back for organizations that depend on wireless solutions, like churches and large venues (1).  Some of you might think that I am talking about waiting a couple weeks for your purchase.  No, I am talking about placing orders in year 20-22 and maybe seeing it in year 20-25.  We are here, we are now in the new normal, and more and more products are going to slip into the void, maybe available in 3 to 5 years.


historically, America is the land of plenty, so the warning signs were ignored. Surely there would always be whatever i need in the store, there when i need it....  


The micro chip crisis has led to massive shortages on new vehicles. Ask any salesman at a car dealership and you'll have to order it and wait several months if not next year. The days of walking on the car lot and finding your new car are over. You want leather seats with red interior and maybe something else that isn't usually offered? Nope, not gonna happen anymore. The shortage on new cars is so bad that the prices on used vehicles have gone up way higher than ever.


To survive the recession and keep up your momentum as we head into the upcoming depression, you really gotta think about your assets and if it's time to sell them. I heard recently that the large contractors are having to do this. Because they can't get projects done in time for building inspectors they are having trouble paying off their short term high interest loans so instead of long term loans that don't give enough money, they are forced to shrink, and sell their assets to make ends meet. This will hurt everyone but probably affect urban areas the most.


Recession could also be called a theft of opportunity. While there are some radical environmental types who are secretly happy that we are suffering at the gas pump, it's important to notice that anyone that takes delight in the suffering of people is most likely not a good person. The environmentalist wackos of today have a certain anti-human perspective, you wonder just how much worse things could get for us if we allowed them to have 100 percent control. That's a Scary thought.


Let's go Brandon, and hang in there, while it's going to be a bumpy ride for several more years, I am grateful that as we hit the metaphorical rock bottom maybe more people will wake up and demand their rights and especially that one about pursuing happiness.


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