• The Fall of Afghanistan

In the past it was always a joke.  The great Rush Limbaugh said it--Joe Biden has never been right about foreign policy, at any time in his life, he has always been on the wrong side of any foreign policy decision.


Its not funny anymore.


We've lost Afghanistan to the same evil we had set to fight twenty years ago.  Even worse, social media is covered with pictures of American weapons, trucks, bases - tactical gear that has been seized by Taliban forces.

With many drawing parallels to Vietnam in Saigon,  people trying to escape what's coming, there are several videos of a plane in Kabul airport that can only take 300 people, but over 1000 desperate people trying to board.  People that believed that working with the United States would lead to an era of peace in their country. Heartbreaking to watch.

The Taliban took over territory insanely fast, the Afghan army folded again and again.  Rumors are running rampant, but it looks like maybe China got involved, enhancing the Taliban so that they could quickly takeover the country.  It's almost as if Biden wants the Taliban to take over, as there appears to have been no effort to destroy the vast munitions and vehicles left behind. 

Speaking of left behind, as the rampaging Taliban took back the land, Americans were at one point being advised to, and i am not kidding--Shelter in place.  

The chaos goes on, and its impossible to get a total picture of what's going on.  When it comes to mainstream news, we are all slowly  starting to realize that there is really no difference between your favorite reality TV shows and the main stream media.  Survivor, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette Rachel Madow and Brian Williams are all the same garbage.  As a result we have to rely on eye witness accounts and whatever we can see on social media.  of course there are several problems with that, too.  

Mr. Biden and is team are one hundred percent responsible for this disaster.  President Trump had a Conditions-based departure plan in place that ensured the security of all the stake holders, and just like Americas border wall and the keystone pipeline, Mr. Biden cast aside the brilliant plans and decided to handle everything himself.  

We will likely see gas prices climb to over $5 a gallon of gas locally this year, because we are back to buying oil from OPEC instead of having the keystone deal.  Mr. Biden obviously doesn't care much about fighting the 'Rona because he is allowing an open border with Mexico and we have no idea who is coming in or where they are going.  

I miss the Mean Twitter Tweets, the world peace and the cheap gas.

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