• Food Shortage is coming

Mr. Biden never says anything inspiring, you probably can't think of a single important thing he has ever said.  However sometimes the senile(0) crime(1) boss goes off script and says things that you don't want to miss!


Late last week, Biden said (Quote) "With regard to food shortage, yes we did talk about food shortages, and it's gonna be real,"


As they always try to do, his team jumped in to put lipstick on an ugly pig, Jenn Psaki said that while we shouldn't expect a food shortage we would notice (quote)that higher energy, fertilizer, wheat, and corn prices could impact the price of growing and purchasing critical fuel supply, food supplies for countries around the world."  End Quote (2)


So yeah, when we talk about corn wheat and fertilizer, which in the modern world are the root of everything we call processed food, of course it will raise the price of food.  Hard Left Democrats have never grasped that the free market works because its a collaboration between many robust companies and industries.  If you punish one section of the collaboration, then the costs are passed on to the other members with the end result being higher prices for you and i, the customer!  While hard left democrats used to say they support the working man, the fact that their policies are usually the instigator to what things cost, suggests they are actually working for the few not the many.


When your government devastates food prices, the best thing to do is go local.  We put in a call to our friendly neighborhood carpenter down the street, Jay Miles, and ordered a couple more wooden planter boxes.  We own several of his and he does great work.  


Don't be intimidated by the idea, all you do is put the seeds in the dirt and patiently wait for them to do their thing.  We have a rich supply of great gardening stores with knowledgeable people to help you buy the right things and keep you on track.  It might be time to get to know them. 


If our government actually cared about the price of gas they wouldn't have cut off the Keystone pipeline and they would have cut the gas tax.  The same government that has completely failed us on gas prices is about to royally fail us on food too.  If you haven't already started, maybe its time for you to start planting a garden, or stock piling a healthy supply of rice and beans, or maybe get on Facebook market place or craigslist or a local furniture store and buy an extra freezer.  


Speaking for myself I used to buy my groceries, I think they called it European style, where you go to the store daily and buy fresh ingredients for the daily cook.  While you can and should still buy fresh ingredients, I would urge you to consider maybe buying a little extra for your pantry, because you probably wont like what Mr. Biden is going to do to the price of food.  




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