• My idea for President Trump to stop rioting

It's sad to see what happens when local police are disbanded and the radical left is allowed to riot.  In places like Seattle, the radical left has even managed to set up a little distopia.  There's not a lot I can add to this national discussion, its not really my place to decide how we handle it.  But I did come up with an idea for how to rehabilitate looters.  I emailed the President of the United States with this idea, and who knows, maybe his people will read it.  Here's the letter, lets see what you think.


Mr President,

I have an idea that hasn't been considered regarding looters. Instead of long term incarceration or community service, a third option exists.

If someone loots a store and is arrested, simply court order that for the next 30 years, 25% of their salary will be given to the merchant.

It's simple but effective. Our prisons don't fill with first and second time offenders and our victimized businesses will eventually gain some financial benefit from the attack. When a business is looted they may or may not get insurance money, but that money is only a band aid. Creating a new, nationwide understanding of the consequences of looting would go a long way toward riot control.

The states are well versed in garnishing an individuals income, as that is how child support works. We have the technology to make this happen.

That's my letter.  Such a dramatic third option has never been tried.  With a country that now has a large group of hyper-politically correct people that are bent on destroying their communities, I think it is time for all of us to think outside the box.  Regardless of your political views, there is no -ISM that gives you the right to destroy your neighbors property.  Communism and Fascism are actually two sides of the same coin, in each system of government, a small group of nuts are in charge.  In the American system, we live in a country that works well because nobody is in charge.  We have checks and balances to absolute power.  There is nothing new being offered by the rioters, they just want one side, or the other, of that foul statist coin.

While there were peaceful protests during the day, we cannot ignore the many violent protests at night. 

The devastation of American Monuments and statues is sickening, and i think we all realize that there is no common ground between Americans and the angry people that did the damage.  I hope that after the November Presidential election, we can all come together, and raise the necessary money to rebuild the statues and other things that were destroyed.  President Lincoln understood that elections are important, because in a civilized country, "ballots replace bullets" when it comes to who is in charge.  Elections can be contentious, especially when the different sides have little to no common ground.  

But more than that, those that looted and did damage while America was vulnerable need to be held accountable. If they are not, then can we expect more rioting in future Presidential Campaign seasons?  That's not the America that I know.  We can do better than that.  




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