• My Tribute to Rush Limbaugh


This is AM with your CC. 


There are no words to express my feelings about the news of Rush Limbaugh's announcement-- that he has been determined to have advanced lung cancer. 


He was there when I was a child growing up on a hydesville dairy. The milk barn had powerful speakers hanging from the ceiling and my dad would record rush's daytime show and listen to it --through the loudspeakers while he milked the cows. That milking equipment was noisy, so Rush's voice was cranked to the max. Truck drivers that used to transport logs from the nearby log deck used to think it was funny to hear Rush Limbaugh at night and they were amused that there were a herd of cows that were died in the wool, Dittoheads. 


Every single conservative in America has been inspired by Rush Limbaugh's optimism, his humor and his own struggles. His hearing permanently taken away by painkiller addiction, he shared that with his listeners as well. 


The radical left, who control so much of Humboldt County and California, will never understand Rush Limbaugh just as they will never understand those things that make America great. We want to strive for ourselves and our families without government interference, we want to love our traditions and most of all, we want to live in peace with our fellow man. The left thinks all solutions are solved by government, while we understand that if the individual is not free to flourish, then nobody is. 


When I was that kid riding a bike in the evening listening to Rush from the barn, he was like a member of my family. A wise uncle, an older brother, a confidant. That, is the type of relationship so many of us have with Rush Limbaugh. 


In the early years, he was rowdy, remember --so long ago-- when he coined the term-- Femi-nazi, describing third wave feminists that wanted to spread their crazy ideas in Hollywood and popular culture? Remember when he used to have what he called "caller abortions" and terminate the calls of people he didn't want to talk to. While the left grew angrier and angrier over rush's antics, we all understood that he was at his best. Truly--illustrating the absurd by being absurd. 


Rush held tough over the decades and who can forget the Clinton years! It was Rush Limbaugh who played what I believe was his first true foray into elections, he paved the way for the voter Revolution of 1994. How quickly people forget that when Clinton was elected in 1992 he wanted to take over health care and do a lot of other horrible things, Rush played a.major role educating the voters and installing a republican congress that forced the president to do good things for the country like welfare reform. 

Then of course there was Obama, and what a terror he was. His government made it very difficult for some of rushes Affiliate radio stations. Rush was bummed to see America crumble but he hung in there and kept us informed. 

Now it was difficult not to get emotional when I saw President Trump award Rush Limbaugh the medal of Freedom. Truly well deserved. 

Being a conservative means you get to enjoy the good humor of making fun of the lefts silly ideas. Rush excelled at teaching conservatism while tearing down the follies of socialism and fascism. I wish him a speedy recovery from the bottom of my heart. 

This is Anthony Mantova, And Rush, our community supports you. 


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