• New Intellectualism on the right and nothing on the left!



The splitting of the country, the right and the left are no longer two political wings of the same bird, there is no loyal opposition.  If you are a far lefty left, then you watch MSNBC and believe that somehow Vladimir Putin is controlling Donald Trump.  Even worse, instead of standing on your own ideas backed by facts, you devolve into hoping that this insane idea will somehow prove true, maybe if we can just have one more congressional hearing.  Hopefully some whistleblower can prove the connection, that our president is an enemy agent.


A silly fall for the once proud Democratic party.  A party that used to champion the working men and women of this country.  As the intellectualism, ideas and vision drained out of the party, a large vacuum was created.  Over on the right side of the political aisle, a different kind of reckoning was due.  A bloated, stale Republican establishment had lost touch with most every voting demographic.  In this vacuum some truly great thinkers and politicians arose.  And even some older voices that at one time didn't get most attention were able to ascend to the national scene.  While the fight on the right was difficult to watch, the establishment started to lose control of the Party, it took the election of President Trump to finish the task of rebirthing the Republican Party.  Union men from the Midwest, swelled the ranks of republican voters.  Did they care about supply side economics or the welfare states' failure to end poverty (which are traditional conservative opinions).  Maybe a little bit, but what they really cared about was the new idea that American policy needs to serve the countries' interests, and that more than anything we needed more jobs and opportunity.  


Trump isn't your ivory tower conservative that talks at length about Flat Tax vs Fair Tax, you wont find him debating whether or not we should remove the 16th and 17th amendments like you might hear in libertarian and paleoconservative circles, rather, he is too busy to talk theory, when in practice he is acting out conservative values in the office, on Twitter, and most importantly--on the job.


The Republican party is reborn.  Full of life and promise for a better world, we are welcoming every minority group, large and small, blue and white collar, each and every one.  The bar to entry is pretty low, all you have to do is love the country and love the free enterprise that is required to run it.


The democratic party has nothing to offer in contrast.  As President Trump takes responsibility for all the issues, including even health care and union labor, the Democratic party finds itself in an empty room with nothing but a frayed, tired playbook, and the "race card." When you have to do a job that you are not prepared for, its easy to understand why Democrat leaders are so emotional and wildly angry.  There is nothing in their playbook that will work.  They have nothing to offer the voters besides shallow freebies that are impossible to pay for.


Is it healthy for a nation to have one super strong party and one super 'anti-everything that is common sense' Party?  Probably not, I would prefer we have two parties with strong ideals and a shared willingness to make our nation a better place to live.  


Maybe it is time for the Democratic Party to close its doors, and sell its inventory for pennies on the dollar?



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