• Selling Pianos with Honesty

It was a news story broken by the Hatch Institute, as some piano buyers were upset with the famous, Steinway Piano company for allegedly telling them that if customers purchased one of their pianos, that their investment would go up in value.  According to the Institute, one salesman even took it a step further, assuring his customers that buying a Steinway would bring a better return than the stock market!

If true, this is obviously not a good selling tactic. What a waste of everyones' time.  Especially, when it comes to pianos there are plenty of other good reasons for investing in a nice piano.  If you have family it's a no-brainer.  With the notes of every scale at a your fingertips, anyone in close proximity to a piano is likely to gain an elevated understanding of music theory. The appreciation of music will last for the life of the instrument, as A piano is also nice for visiting guests, and while electronic keyboards and electric pianos have advanced by leaps and bounds--there is still nothing like the real thing.  There are plenty of support staff as well--last time I checked--Humboldt County had a grand total of Six piano tuners, who are all certified members of the Piano Technicians' Guild.

But getting back to the Steinway salesmens' troubles.  While I would never recommend looking at a piano as something that appreciates in value and will outperform blue chip stocks, it is important to point out, that there is a very real connection between fine pianos and real estate.  

The addition of a Baby Grand or a Grand Piano to a home, can indeed give that home the little push it needs with a potential buyer.  There are at least two instruments that I know of, which immediately add elegance and charm to a home.  Those are fine pianos and upright DoubleBasses.  The fine piano takes on a dual role of elegant furniture, while a nearby Upright Bass creates a welcoming atmosphere that invites guests to break the monotony and play music.  Upright Bass Strings last as long as several years, so just like a piano, there is not a tremendous amount of upkeep required. Quite simply, the two large instruments reshape a any room, into a space for creativity, warmth and overall great memories.

The connection between pianos and real estate was demonstrated in 2008, during the real estate housing disaster, where quite a few piano dealers went out of business!  

But the good news is, that as long as people are buying homes, there will always be a place for fine pianos!

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