• Governor Kills Gas Generators!

California's governor did the unthinkable, signing into law and effectively banning the sale of gas-powered small off-road engines  — including generators  — many of which are used in lawn and garden equipment..... such as mowers, as well as logging equipment, commercial utility equipment and specialty vehicles (1).  

As you dig into the new law to learn more about it, you'll notice that the Fake News is doing their best to put lipstick on one ugly pig!  Fake news argues that Because regulations  have not been as stringent as those for other engine types—the state felt it was time to evaluate smaller engines, as well.

The news doesn't want you to worry or panic about this, even though this law will ban the sale of small generators as well.  I hate laws like this because of two simple reasons.  It's un-necessary and it is going to hurt someone.  The next time we have rolling blackouts, or a natural disaster or simply just severe weather, this law will make it so people suffer in homes with no heat, with no ability to save their frozen and refrigerated foods.  When people get hurt in the future by this, the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of our governor and Sacramento politicians, who are way too eager to pass bad policy to keep the environmentalist wacko lobby happy.  

Silly folks that like laws like this argue that you can simply forget your gas generator and purchase a battery powered alternative.  A quick price check shows that that isn't an affordable replacement. When it comes to horse power, gas lawn mowers are at least twice as strong as electric. while Electric spin around the horsepower issue, instead claim a high max spin rate or torque, its important to note that the torque is when there is little to no load (2).  So if you switch from gas to electric, and keep relatively the same size mower, you will pay the same amount of money for way less actual horsepower.  

What are you going to tell all the guys in the landscaping business.  But more importantly, what are you going to tell seniors on fixed incomes when all they want is a reliable gas powered generator so they can protect their food and keep the heat on?





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