• Stock up on Cash during the crisis!

The Wuhan Flu has made us all preppers.  We have been forced to make sure we have at least 30 days worth of food water and yes--toilet paper!  But all these things cost money.  Have you made a plan for your cash flow?


If you are waiting for unemployment or a government loan, im sorry but that is a hope, not a plan.  With a little ingenuity and risk, everyone has the ability to create emergency cash flow.  Treat your cash like a resource, that is--if you have no plan to stock it up, then assume it won't be there when you need it!


Do you live in a house with a garage full of stuff?  Do you store a lot of stuff in your attic?   While you shelter in place, maybe it's time to setup an Ebay page, or a Facebook Marketplace to convert your stuff into much needed cash. We still have a working postal system and there is no reason you cant sell stuff online.  While you may have plans for some of your storage, i bet you can repurchase most of it when this crisis is over.  If you don't have much stuff to sell, give your aunt or uncle a call, im sure you have someone in your family that wants to unload their junk and split the profit with you.  They would love to hear from you either way.


If you find your groove with online selling, then maybe you will want to turn it into something more, with point-of-sale services like Shopify, you can offer a restockable E-commerce business for as little as $30 a month.  


Contact your favorite local retail store and ask if you can make something.  I know for me, there is always demand for home-made guitar slides, there is plenty of room in the market for handcrafted guitars, Cigar-box guitars and other instruments.  If you are interested in making musical goods I can send you a list of products that you should consider.  Simply message me on Anthony Mantova Dot Com.


You are not useless.  With the help of Youtube, you can browse thousands of videos that teach you how to make resellable products.  Turn your hobby into a temporary source of cashflow.


Maybe you want to leverage your cooking skills?  Or your skills as a handyman or lawn mower?  Start a GoFundMe where you make it clear that anyone that gives you $100 will get a good Two Month deal on lawn mowing, or someone that gives you $500 will get a 6 month or one year service package.  Keep in mind that a lot of people are struggling to create cashflow for themselves, so you are going to need to be overly generous!


This country was built on rugged individuals.  We have it so good in comparison that i fear many of us have gotten soft and dependent on a pay check from a single employer.  You are someone that is full of opportunity and there is a lot you can offer, there are plenty of ways that you can serve others and get paid to do it.  Don't get discouraged if your offer fails, or your product isn't good enough.  Keep trying and find what works for you.  

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