• More than ever, Humboldt needs Corporations!

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We learned last week from a local news blog that a new pizza franchise, Mountain Mikes is reportedly going to setup the first of several franchises in Humboldt county. The restaurant chain promises to bring a special crispy pepperoni pizza that will give locals a new alternative when considering where to order or hang out for pizza.

Sadly, some folks are not happy with this news, as anti-growth commentators made their views known. Anti-growth people are part of the reason Humboldt county lacks so much in terms of jobs, shopping and food choices.

If we lived in a community that had no empty storefronts then maybe these people would have some kind of rational basis for an argument. But looking around Humboldt--especially eureka-- the old adage: beggars can't be choosers rears its ugly head!

Before you complain about a new corporation setting up business in Humboldt, please consider that the small town Mom and Pop establishments are on their way out. It's the fault of Sacramento-- it costs too much to hire employees, the regulations are too complicated and restrictive. I know for me personally I have to employ the services of two separate accounting firms, one to handle my music business and the other to stay on top of California payroll and other issues that only a California-centric firm can anticipate.

I wouldn't be surprised if the day comes where corporate chains out number the number of Mom and Pops in Humboldt.

I don't understand the Anti-Growth mindset. Ultimately it is a fear of the unknown, a fear of 4 lane super highways a silly fear that Humboldt will lose its quirky way of life. Humboldt county needs to remember that "you can't save the world if you can't pay the rent."

Our way of life will benefit from the new choices that new chain stores and restaurants bring. Many of the business opportunities on Humboldt County's horizon are Franchises, such as Mountain Mikes. A franchise is a great way for a local person to start a successful business as the systems and daily activities are already proven. When researching the stats on how much more likely a business is to survive if it's a franchise the percentage is dramatically higher.

Our city council ought to be getting on the phone and inviting we'll known corporations to come here. With franchises, usually a local person or family takes on the task of running the business. Imagine if our city council personally invited 250 corporations to come here. With enough phone calls I bet we could bring eureka some business.

It's been said that "business goes where it's invited." Our city council is happy to hire a poetry Czar, yet we see no effort to invite new chain stores, restaurants or industries to set up shop in Humboldt. Corporations are not going to settle in areas where anti-growth people make them feel unwanted, and local families are not going to open new franchises if they fear the disdain of their neighbors.

Economic expansion is needed in Humboldt, or else the rest of the country will pass us by.

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